On Saturday, 19 September, 22 players ran onto Gil Fraser Oval to write another chapter of BBFC History. The C3 Reserves, lead by coach Liam Pack and captain Mick Vague came up against Ellenbrook who had only lost one game for the season. With the wind blowing strongly and the threat of rain it was going to be a tough game. But the Doggies are built for tough games, with tenacity, courage and the will never to back down from a fight.

And did they fight, the Ressies fought hard for the whole four quarters, even when Ellenbrook made a comeback late in the third quarter, the doggies banded together, dug deep and did not back down. With the help of the BBFC faithful on the hill the Ressies kept fighting right until that final siren sounded. The Ressies had won the premiership by 4 points and written another chapter of this great club's history, another flag to hang on the wall down at the Kennell and another group of players who will be forever bonded by this great experience.