The Brentlow - 2019 Club Awards

On Friday 20 September BBFC held The Brentlow at Bathers Beach House in Fremantle.

The Brentlow was aptly named back in 2005 by Shayne Hope and has become the premier event at the Club, allowing the Club the opportunity to acknowledge the contributions by members of the Club both on and off the football field.

The Committee would like to formally thank the following people for their efforts

Our Master of Ceremonies Liam Pack - Packy you did an outstanding job, the night would not as run as smoothly with out you, thank you.


Crystal & Ryan Gillam who spent countless hours designing and executing the power point presentation, it really made the Brentlow a more personal experience, thank you.

Fiona & Rob Berden who liaised with Bathers Beach House and researching and collating all the information about the awards.  It really gave a personal touch to the night for the younger members of the Club to understand what these awards mean, thank you.

The Club would like to thank Bathers Beach House for providing such a great venue, great food and great staff.

And finally the Club would like to thank all the Life Members, Sponsors, Players, Partners and Families that made the night and the entire season such a memorial one.