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On Saturday, 2nd October the players, supporters, life members and sponsors made their way to the Swan Yacht Club to celebrate the 2021 season.

The Brentlow is always a great night enjoyed by everyone and this year was no exception.  It give the Club the opportunity to celebrate all the individual performances on and off the field for the 2021 Season.

Congratulations to the all the award winners!

Life Member Inductees
Brad Beitmanus
John Blankensee
Wayde Devine
Russell Pryer
Ben Sims

Mark Dickinson Memorial Trophy - Reserves Best Team Man
Ryan Powles

Riseborough Rigby Johnston Award
Anthony O'Riley

AFL Masters - Best Player
Philip Brand

AFL Masters - Best Team Man
Phil Finn

Thirds Team - Coaches Award
Ben Sims

Thirds Team - Leading Goal Kicker
Steven Sutton

Thirds Team - Most Umpire Votes
Tim Gupanis & Eli Ryken-Rapp

Thirds Team - Fairest & Best Third
Brendan Griffiths

Thirds Team - Runner Up Fairest &  Best
Eli Ryken-Rapp

Thirds Team - Fairest & Best
Glyn Quartermaine

Colts Team - Coaches Award
Ashton Reeve

Colts Team - Leading Goal Kicker
Riley Watson

Colts Team - Most Umpires
Thomas Bendtsen

Colts Team - Third Fairest & Best
Reed Walker

Colts Team - Runner Up Fairest & Best
Luke Rule

Colts Team - Fairest & Best
Riley Watson

Best First Year Player
Luke Rule

Reserves Team - Coaches Award
Riley Moretti

Reserves Team - Phil Putland Memorial Trophy - Leading Goal Kicker
Ryan Gillam

Reserves Team - Most Umpire Votes
Nicholas Costa

Reserve Team - Player of the Finals
Matthew Henderson

Reserves Team - Third Fairest & Best
Cameron Atkin

Reserves Team - Runner Up Fairest & Best
Nicholas Costa

Reserves Team - Fairest & Best
Ryan Gillam

League Team - Coaches Award
Mitch Thomas

League Team - Mick Nener Trophy - Leading Goal Kicker
Michael Piper

League Team - Most Umpire Votes
Michael Piper

League Team - Player of the Finals
Caleb McMahon

League Team - Third Fairest & Best
Matthew Ah Siu

League Team - Runner Up Fairest & Best
Shaun Byrne

League Team - Keith Mann Medallist - Fairest & Best
Michael Piper

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