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On Monday 6 September, the Committee, Coaches, Captains and Team Managers attended the Perth Football League Awards night at the Crown Perth Ballroom.  It is a great opportunity for all clubs to come together and celebrate the 2021 Season and recognise the best of the best in each grade.

A big congratulations must go to Michael Piper who was runner up Fairest & Best for the C3 League Competition, narrowly missing out by 1 vote.

Below are all the votes given by the umpires to the players of BBFC.

C3 League
Michael Piper      17 Votes
Matthew Ah Siu  10 Votes
Ben Leech             8 Votes
Barry Barone         7 Votes
Shaun Byrne          6 Votes
Nicholas Costa      6 Votes
Matthew Hansen   6 Votes
Jack Redman         5 Votes
Chris Ah Siu           4 Votes
Joe Caputi             3 Votes
Brendan Chappell 1 Vote
Matthew Mills        1 Vote
Steele Meade        1 Vote

C3 Reserves
Nicholas Costa       16 Votes
Ryan Gillam            12 Votes
Couper Edgar          7 Votes
Wayde Devine          6 Votes
Josh Harrison           5 Votes
Ethan Gozzi              4 Votes
Adam Hankin           3 Votes
Chris Howard           3 Votes
Glyn Quartermaine 2 Votes
Steele Meade          2 Votes
Caleb McMahen      1 Vote
Ethan King                1 Vote
Liam Bodey              1 Vote
Michael Fairclough  1 Vote
Michael Vague         1 Vote
Phil Finn                    1 Vote

West Coast Colts
Thomas Bendtsen          11 Votes
Reed Walker                     9 Votes
Finley Dores-Henderson 3 Votes
Cody Vujcic                       2 Votes
Jesse Meredith                 2 Votes
Jake Mincherton               1 Vote
Luke Rule                           1 Vote
Travis Gauntlett                 1 Vote
Tyson O'Brien                    1 Vote

E3 Thirds
Tim Gupanis            4 Votes
Eli Ryken-Rapp        4 Votes
Daniel Corbisiero    3 Votes
Glyn Quartermaine 2 Votes
Thomas Bendtsen   2 Votes
Levi Burns                 1 Vote
Luke Davey               1 Vote
Steven Sutton           1 Vote


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