Michael Piper Wins Record Breaking 6th Keith Mann Medal

Michael Piper has made BBFC history by winning his sixth Keith Mann Medal for the League Best & Fairest player in 2019.

Michael has had an outstanding career at BBFC, having joined in 2011 as a 18 year old. He won his first Keith Mann Medal in same year having only played 10 League games.  Michael would go on to win the Keith Mann Medal in 2014, 2015, 2017 & 2018.

On Friday Night at the Club Awards, Michael made history by becoming the only player at BBFC to win the coveted award six times, over taking Ross "Putty" Putland who had won the Keith Mann Medal 5 times - 1980, 1982, 1985, 1987 & 1990. Unfortunately Ross was unable to attend the Brentlow but was kind enough to write a few words about Michael and his own time at BBFC.

"Hi to all who have turned up for tonight's Fairest & Best Awards of the Mighty Bulldogs.  I hope you all have a great night, sorry I couldn't be there.  As you all know tonight is about celebrating Michael Piper's sixth Keith Mann Medal, what an outstanding achievement this is. Michael has been so consistent over his career and top do it at such a young age, I am sure he will win some more.  

As everyone knows football is not about individual awards; team success is what everyone plays for.  

To Michael, what a player you have turned out to be, for you to win six Best & Fairest Awards is an amazing effort, your parents and family must be so proud of what you have achieved for such a young man. My biggest achievement that I think I achieved at Brentwood was being awarded Life Membership, this I hold dear to my heart and always will. Being part of the first premiership was special, and winning five Keith Mann Medals is also special.  To play my career with so many great players was something I will never forget.  Michael will also say, that he couldn't win the medal without his team mates.