This year we had record playing members, a Colts side,

a Premiership and a lot of fun along the way during unprecedented, challenging times. We really turned a negative into a positive.

Welcome all our players, members, supporters and family. Special welcome to our Life Members and Sponsors in the room tonight, without them we wouldn’t be a great club like we are. To be standing in front of crowd of 150 BBFC family at the Camfield after the year we had, I am really proud. Not only proud as a president but as part of BBFC, everyone should be really proud of the club we have all built together. This year we had record playing members, a Colts side, a Premiership and a lot of fun along the way during unprecedented, challenging times. We really turned a negative into a positive.

After a solid 2019 it was no secret the goal was to have a Colts side in 2020. The challenge was to have 25 Colts registered at our club by mid-February. With all our coaches appointed and pre-season tracking well, at the due date we had the required number of colts registered and we received confirmation that the Perth Football League had accepted our nomination for 2020, a huge relief and then the COVID-19 lockdown occurred. The COVID-19 lockdown was huge curveball, what were we going to do? To be honest for the first couple of weeks I hardly thought about football. Like many I thought about my family, work and health and football was put on the backburner. After a few weeks of lockdown and not thinking of footy I discussed with Fiona and Ryan about having a committee meeting just to touch base to get other peoples thoughts. I didn’t know what to say and after fumbling over my words and trying to think of what to say Ryan Powles said something quite wise which stuck with me: “its ok not to know what to do, we can’t plan because things change every day so when the news comes out let’s make sure we are quick to react.”

That was great advice because we didn’t know what to do or how to go about it but if we were quick to make decisions and acted in the best interest of the club, things would be ok. From that point we did move really quickly when decisions needed to be made and were able to get back to Karoonda as soon as possible and it goes to show how hard working the committee is.

I’ll be honest, it has been hard work on this committee and if it wasn’t for passionate people on the committee during this year, the year wouldn’t have turned out the way that it did. I’ll just take the opportunity to thank the committee:

Andrew Stephens (Wizz) who has been our bar manager for many years, does a mountain of work.

Glenn Cooper (Coops) our sponsorship manager who has done outstanding in difficult year.

Nick Heah (Rubba) our vets representative who was the main person organising the AFL Master Country Carnival which was a huge success as well as a big contributor to a successful Vets year.

Ryan Powles (Hecto) for his work with BKSA and wise words at the right time.

Reed Walker our colts representive for his input and represents the Colts and also coaching the Booragoon Juniors 11/12s with Thomas Bendtsen and Matt Mills.

Mitch Henderson (Hendo) for his work with the events this year.

Tesh Piper for her work as secretary and help around the club.

Matt DiCandilo (Deeks) as Treasurer, we’ve had a pretty successful year financially

Lastly I want to thank my two VPs who do the most work out of anyone at the club. Some of us know but I’ll go on the record that these two people literally run the club and without them a lot of this wouldn’t happen. From organising all the COVID-19 plans and process, applications to the council, PFL, organising physios, volunteers each week, cleaners, helping with BKSA matters, coaches, registrations, social media, closing the bar, B&F votes, jumpers, lollies, this night, table settings, power point, script, run sheet. They’ve done it all, to Fiona Berden & Ryan Gillam none of this would have happened if it wasn’t for these two individuals. I’d like to take to opportunity for a round of applause for the committee for their work this year.

To the on-field stuff; the coaches, the captains, the physios and umpires: Terry Allan and Gav Payne, we had heaps of fun this year, we tried hard but the league competition was a bit to strong for our side this year but we went about it the right way and we were competitive. Thanks for your efforts. Well done to Tim Gupanis on his first year as captain of the league side. To Alan Micherton, Graham Cormack and Tim Byrnes who led our colts..

Al brought it all together and couldn't be more passionate about having a colts side this year BBFC. We’re extremely proud of the group and they didn’t let us down, I’m sure you all had fun and this is just the beginning of your journey at BBFC. To Jack Redman ,Ethan Gozzi and Levi Burns, the colts leadership group, you all lead from the front and have a bright future at Brentwood. Liam Pack, what else can you ask for from a first year coach, you did everything you could to deliver a flag and you did what an outstanding achievement.

Reserves Captain Mick Vague and the playing squad that contributed to the first flag since 2013. It was such a great year, one we will never forget.

To our umpires; Trevor Blackburn and Tim Smith as our club umpires this year, it’s never an easy job. Tony Johnson and Sophie Armitt as out physios, there are some players kept together by tape only, they’ve done a great job and Deborah and Vioce Stackpole keeping the Stacky Burger legacy alive.

Some of the highlights this year have been obviously the finals series, our first game at Karoonda with all three sides playing, that message I sent to the group saying the bar would be open after a long lockdown, it almost brings a tear to my eye, Tommy’s 250th and Perth Football Radio at our club and the AFL Masters Country Carnival. Not only was that a great income earner for the club but showcased to so many visitors to the club what a well-run club we are and the great facilities we have at Karoonda. Special thanks to all the Vets who contributed on the day including Meagan Farrant who ran the kitchen but also acknowledgement of the Vets members and contribution to the club throughout the year, they are a very important part of making this club great.

Again last but not least is my wife Fi who supports me playing and takes our three kids to the football every week. Between Crystal and Fi, they manage the three amateur teams, wash the jumpers every week, look after the kids and let us have fun along the way.

And this is a shout out to all our supporters, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, mums, dads and grandparents. All the support we get goes to making us the best people on and off the field and we’ve got some really good people at this club and it shows. Thanks again, enjoy the rest of the night. I’m biased but I think we are part of one of the best clubs and couldn’t be happier to be part of it, it’s always an absolute honour and a privilege to serve this great club.